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Heart meets High-tech

People with a "can-do" attitude who, in a wide variety of areas on the campus, passionately work towards the goal of helping patients all over the world with diagnostic tests and drugs – that's Roche in Mannheim. We put great emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange. Research, development, production, logistics and sales – our site is involved in the entire value chain.

Our approximately 8,300 employees from some 60 nations are as versatile as our areas of operations. They are the driving force for top-quality high-tech. Here, we develop products for people who suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, such as coagulation systems and effective diabetes management solutions – from blood glucose monitoring to insulin delivery. In addition, we manufacture life-prolonging cancer medication and important products for in vitro diagnostics in Mannheim. This includes, for example, liquid reagents, test strips for point-of-care diagnostics and blood-glucose test strips that are shipped all around the world from Mannheim. These are products that contribute significantly to helping people. A key success factor is a close collaboration between the diagnostics and pharmaceuticals divisions – they form the foundation for personalised healthcare, which affords patients a better quality of life as well as a longer life.

Products for patients

Vernetzt mit der Welt und der Region

Supplying some 13,000 different products to 170 countries every day – this is the task of Roche Diagnostics' global logistics centre in Mannheim. That's how diagnostic products and drugs from Roche reach patients all over the world.

Zweitgrößter Arbeitgeber Mannheims

As Mannheim's second biggest employer, we are strongly connected to the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Collaboration with research institutes, universities and biotech companies from the region gives rise to new, innovative technologies time and again.

Connected to the world and the region

Heute schon an morgen denken

Our approximately 260 trainees and DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) students are important for our sustained success. They bring a breath of fresh air and the courage to make changes. In Mannheim, Roche offers trainee and student positions in 15 professions from the areas of business, science, engineering and IT.

Thinking about tomorrow today

Roche Mannheim – Der High Tech Campus

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