Roche Konzernzentrale; Nr. 20

About Roche

Our aim is to develop new and better pharmaceuticals which offer significant benefits when compared to existing options.

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Research at Roche; Nr. 21

Research at Roche

At our German sites, Roche is conducting research into diseases where there is significant medical demand for innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

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Roche Diagnostics; Nr. 22

Roche Diagnostics

provides products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases to researchers, doctors, patients, hospitals and laboratories across the world.

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Personalized healthcare; Nr. 23

Personalized healthcare

We employ innovative molecular techniques to develop drugs and diagnostics that improve the health, quality of life, and survival chances of patients.

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Responsibility; Nr. 24


As part of our sustainable development, we proactively implement new more sustainable technologies and processes to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Group News (German only)

  • 22.05.2018

    Diabetes weiter denken: Neue Lösungen für eine digitalisierte Diabetes Versorgung


  • 17.05.2018

    Von A wie App bis Z wie Zukunft: Neue Accu-Chek® Webinare für Patienten


  • 09.03.2018

    Gemeinsam zu mehr Zeit im Zielbereich: Mit der neuen Eversense® NOW App haben auch Freunde und Familie die Glukosewerte jederzeit im Blick


  • 26.02.2018

    Jahresmediengespräch 2018


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Penzberg; Nr. 25

Roche in Germany employs approximately 15,900 people at five sites. The activities cover the entire value chain for both divisions, Pharma and Diagnostics: from R&D to Manufacturing, Logistics, Marketing and Sales.

Overview of the sites


More than 40 years

of experience in biotechnological production

400 employees

are working at the Roche site Waiblingen/Remseck/Kornwestheim