Standort Waiblingen

"We build on permanent innovation in all areas, uncompromising quality, committed employees and open communication. This makes us successful"

Dr. Claudia Fleischer
Dr. Claudia Fleischer
Managing Director of Roche PVT

Special features

Roche PVT GmbH in Waiblingen, Remseck-Aldingen and Kornwestheim (near Stuttgart) is one of the Roche competence centers for the development and production of laboratory automation systems. In 2011, Roche purchased the company PVT Probenverteiltechnik which was founded in 1991, and Roche PVT is now the world's leading provider of pre- and post-analytical automation systems.

The solutions of Roche PVT play a significant role in making lab results quickly and securely available to patients and physicians. Automation and standardization increase the reliability and quality of diagnostic services and improve the safety of laboratory personnel. Moreover, automation increases process efficiency and saves time in the laboratory, thus making it the technical and logistical backbone of analytics.

While the production facilities of Roche PVT are located at the Remseck-Aldingen site, the administration offices, IT, and customer project management are located in Waiblingen and the development with its relative service units in Kornwestheim.