Standort Waiblingen

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Dr. Claudia Fleischer
Dr. Claudia Fleischer
Managing Director of
Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH

Special features

Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH (formerly Roche PVT GmbH) located in the area of Stuttgart is one of Roche's competence centers for development and production of laboratory automation solutions.

Roche's automation solutions play a key role in making laboratory results available to doctors and patients both quickly and safely. Automation and standardization increase the safety and quality of diagnostic services and improve protection of laboratory personnel. Automation also enables efficient and time-saving laboratory processes and thus forms the technical and logistical backbone for analytics. Information on our solutions can be found here.

As market leader in in-vitro diagnostics, our customers worldwide rely on solutions from Roche. More

Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH, RDA for short, is based at three locations in Waiblingen, Remseck-Aldingen and Kornwestheim. While the Remseck-Aldingen plant is home to production, mostly administrative functions are situated in Waiblingen whereas development functions are located at the Kornwestheim site.