We are Roche – welcome to Penzberg

Germany is the second largest country organisation within the Roche Group, which has some 88,500 employees in over 160 countries. As a result, the German locations attract employees from all over the world. The two large production sites in Mannheim and Penzberg in particular are becoming increasingly inter­national. The Roche site in Penzberg, Upper Bavaria, now employs more than 5,000 people from some 50 countries.

Roche fosters an international culture at its locations, aiming to make them attractive for talented employees from all around the world. To this end, the HR department organises a variety of activities including running regular cross-cultural events at which staff from different countries and their families cook together or get to know regional tourist attractions. In addition, an expat society has been founded as a platform for our international colleagues to get together, chat and exchange experiences. All of this is aimed at helping them settle and feel at ease quickly in their new environment. The boarding house in Tutzing, which provides temporary accommodation for new employees, also enables them to get off to a good start.

Ultimately, everyone benefits from the increasingly international nature of the Roche sites. Numerous studies have shown that more varied workforces make for more productive companies. We can all learn from one another by exchanging experiences with people from other cultures – and this open-minded attitude is entirely in keeping with the motto “We are Roche”.