Diversity is an opportunity

The various different talents, experiences and perspectives of employees are invaluable and make Roche more successful.

That's why it is so important to value individual diversity, to promote it and integrate it into everyday actions and work. Roche strives for a workplace where everybody – regardless of their gender, race, ethnic background or sexual or religious orientation – is treated fairly and can develop and realise their potential. Promotion of diversity enriches decisions and discussions.

Diversity describes "the mix". There are numerous visible and invisible differences between people. These include values, beliefs, physical differences, ethnicity, age, gender, experience, ways of thinking, backgrounds, preferences and behaviour.

Inclusion means "making the mix possible". Proactive behaviour leads to an environment in which all people are included – everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, has the same access to opportunities and resources, and can be themselves, thus contributing to corporate success.

Diversity and inclusion bring different abilities, perspectives and backgrounds together and make them available. The best solutions result from different perspectives, asking questions and challenging routine processes. Successfully creating a genuinely diverse, integrated working environment directly strengthens the ability to develop targeted treatment for patients.

Employees explain what diversity and Inclusion means to them personally

Rainer Wellmann

“Diversity and inclusion involve not just tolerance, but acceptance. The OPEN initiative underscores our commitment to creating a work environment that ensures every employee's liberty and equality, regardless of sexual orientation or identity. OPEN stands for "Out, Proud and Equal Network" for LGBT employees at Roche. Together, we want to help alleviate any residual trepidations and prejudice across the company worldwide.”

Michael Schneidereit:

Michael Schneidereit

“Diversity and inclusion rest on a culture of mutual appreciation. This includes professional counselling and support for people with special needs. If colleagues are taken ill or are limited in the work they can do because of a disability, then there's much more at stake than just a job. Every aspect of a person's life is affected. Our office for severely disabled employees provides support during those hard times.”

Peter Maier:

Peter Maier

“The type of support we provide is as diverse as the tasks and people who come to us. No matter if with or without disability – inclusion concerns everyone. The company as well as the employees can benefit from a well practised inclusion. Committed and motivated employees are the foundation for any success.”

Yin Cai

Dr. Yin Cai

“Intercultural exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation are essential ingredients to Roche’s innovativeness. I strive to give every member of my team the opportunity to live up to his potential.”

Hamzah Yunus

Hamzah Yunus

“Diversity is good! Diversity is part of what makes us human, great and unique. It gives more flavors to our life and therefore enriches it - stagnation and uniformity is boring.

Equality is also important to me and thus I think that it is important to feel inclusive with what you can do and contribute to society as well as in workplace and not with who you are, where you are from or where you are heading to.

Furthermore, my advice is to enjoy what you are doing and who you are with – for me it is working at Roche in Waiblingen. Have fun and you will be much happier!”

Barbara Dinkel

Barbara Dinkel

“Our products are used by customers worldwide, and thus, our product documentation needs to be understood in different cultural environments. We achieve this aim much easier when we can rely on editorial teams that also reflect this diversity. Furthermore, diverse teams are more creative and enrich my everyday work as a team-lead.”

Sanae Mahtal

Sanae Mahtal

“To me the word diversity at work means all the manners in which we differ simply. It could be anything that makes us unique: origin, age, sex, beliefs, curricular backgrounds, talents, capabilities and ways of living but also domain of work and activities within the same department, which is the case of R&D department at Roche in Waiblingen.

Inclusion is what puts all these together to create an environment of involvement, growth and success. We at Roche accept these diversities and utilize them as a source of richness of ideas and mutual share between teams.”