Strangers Become Friends

Refugee assistance at Roche in Germany

We see ourselves as an organization that supports people in need who need our help.

Work as the Key for Integration

Mujahid Ahmed und Betreuerin Marina Bergbold

By offering a variety of entry opportunities, Roche wants to enable refugees to take their first step into the German labor market. 

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Commitment from our Employees

Eis Flüchtlinge

Since early 2015, Roche employees have been involved with a variety of activities for refugees.

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Additional commitment

Flüchtling Accu-Chek

For Roche, helping refugees swiftly and unbureaucratically after their arrival in Germany is key.

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Worldwide, more than 65 million people are fleeing. They are fleeing from terror, suppression, and violence. They are fleeing from hunger, thirst, and disease. Often, they are fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their backs, a small bundle over their shoulder, and with lots of hope in their hearts. Many are hoping to find a better future in Germany. In order to facilitate successful integration on the ground, Roche employees, Management, and the Works Council participate in the "Strangers Become Friends" initiative. Its goal is to welcome refugees and make the start in their new home country easier for them. Work is an essential key to integration. This is why Roche is offering a variety of entry opportunities at its German sites. As an organization in the healthcare industry, Roche is also assuming the responsibility for providing medical care to refugees.

Roche is in regular contact with the initial reception centers of the States, charitable organizations, and the cities of Mannheim, in the Munich metropolitan area, and Grenzach in order to be able to provide targeted assistance.

In July of Roche 2016, Roche joined the  "Wir zusammen" (We together) initiative, in which German companies promote the integration of refugees.

Carolina Martínez Echeverría

Edgar Vieth


Carolina Martínez Echeverría, Head of HR at Roche Pharma in Grenzach, and Edgar Vieth, HR Managing Director at Roche Diagnostics GmbH:

„We are very proud of the volunteer work performed by our employees who work hard, both on our intra-company assistance projects, as well as on their own time. They show respect and appreciation for others in an impressive way.“