Roche is committed to responsible economic, social, and environmental practices. This is at the heart of our sustainability-based business model.


Sustainability; Nr. 44

We can only achieve sustainable economic success by fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities. More

Business ethics

Ethic; Nr. 45

As an international company, Roche is committed to meeting high ethical standards and complying with local, national and international laws in all of its areas of business. More

Social concerns

Social concerns; Nr. 46

There is a long tradition of social responsibility at Roche. After all, it all began with the desire to provide effective help for the sick. More


Education; Nr. 47

As a company with a focus on innovation and science, Roche has a deep understanding of the importance of education for the future. More


Employees; Nr. 48

Our employees are our most important source of innovation. Therefore, Roche employees are both challenged and supported. More

Environmental protection

Environmental; Nr. 49

As part of our sustainable development, we proactively implement new more sustainable technologies and processes to reduce our impact on the environment. More