Social concerns

There is a long tradition of social responsibility at Roche. After all, it all began with the desire to provide effective help for the sick. Our social philanthropy includes humanitarian projects as well as projects relating to science, the support of young talent, and art.

We invest resources in a targeted manner in response to important needs that would go unmet without the participation of our company. We rely on the strengths and capacity of local partners and assume responsibility for innovative, sustainable projects that greatly benefit the recipients. We can always depend on the voluntary support of our employees who are personally invested in making changes for the better.

For example, the ROMIUS Foundation which supports humanitarian projects was founded on the initiative of our employees. One of the foundation's campaigns is the annual Roche Children's Walk, a global charity walk in which our German sites also participate. Our employees donate money to support children's health organizations in Germany. Management doubles the amount donated by employees and this money is used to support the European Coalition of Positive People (ECPP) in Malawi for establishing orphanages and the „Schools for Africa“ initiative, a joint project of UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The RESPECT Project at the Penzberg site integrates people with disabilities into the workforce. The sheltered workshop Oberland Werksttten runs an external working group at the Penzberg site. People with intellectual, mental, and physical disabilities work here for Roche and perform tasks such as packing packaging material and reagent containers, supporting scientific information services, and maintaining and repairing the 750 site bicycles.