Elecsys reagent bottling plant

Piece-work: Flexible, highly automated filling plants fill more than 100 million reagent bottles each year

Bottling plant

A class of our own

Roche is a global leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics. In 2015 alone, 15 billion diagnostic tests were performed using Roche instruments – roughly equating to two tests per person worldwide.

Systematic Diagnostics

In the Roche Diagnostics Operations filling area, bottles are filled with reagents for diagnostic tests. Depending on the product and the amount required, the Roche employees do this by using manual filling devices or flexible, highly automated filling systems. Depending on the intended use, the fill volumes range from 0.5 millilitres to two litres.

Finely tuned to meet global demand

Diagnostics Operations has plants that span around 90,000 square metres in 32 buildings and together fill more than 100 million reagent bottles per year. The reagents are used in medical laboratories worldwide.

Roche Diagnostics is multi-talented

Roche Diagnostics technologies and solutions for in vitro diagnostics not only help you make the right diagnosis but also to identify health risks, predict the course of a disease and make the right treatment decision from the outset.

Diagnostics of (de)central importance

Within its in vitro diagnostics portfolio Roche differentiates between products for centralised and decentralised diagnostics. "Centralised diagnostics" are all diagnostic tests conducted in clinical-chemical or immunological laboratories. Tests for decentralised diagnostics are used in medical practices or directly "on the patient" at home or in a hospital bed.

Two for the heart

The most important parameters in the Elecsys portfolio include two diagnostic tests for heart health. The Elecsys Troponin T hs (TnT-hs) test is used to detect cardiac muscle damage at an early stage. NT-proBNP indicates the level of strain on the heart and helps with the early detection, risk assessment and treatment of heart failure.

"In vitro" – in the glass

"In vitro diagnostics" are diagnostic procedures conducted outside the human body in a laboratory vessel (vitrum = Latin for glass).

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Photographer: Philipp Wente