Keeping busy:

Our hightech packaging plants can process up to 100 packages per minute

Packing line

Mannheim: the hub for diagnostics production

With around 8,000 employees, Roche’s Mannheim site is the Roche Group’s third largest site and the hub for the global diagnostics business. Not only are many of the products for the world market produced here, but the global distribution centre also ships them to over 170 countries.

Award-winning - including for sustainability

The Modular Production Building Mannheim (MPBM) opened in 2015 was the first industrial production building to receive a platinum certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council as a particularly environmentally friendly and economically efficient building.

The new industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is the hot topic for industrial companies right now. This is all about using a higher level of digitisation and networking to enhance the efficiency, safety, flexibility and sustainability of processes. Roche too is committed to Industry 4.0, for example with an increasingly networked laboratory and production environment with plants that communicate with one another, as well as to the training and development of its employees, who are accompanying the new industrial revolution.

Safely packaged for their travels

The Diagnostics Operations department in Mannheim not only fills bottles with diagnostic reagents but also packages them, labels them and sends them to laboratories worldwide. The packaging lines work as hard as the filling systems, processing up to 100 packages per minute.

State-of-the-art equipment

The newest packaging plant at the Mannheim site can be found in the Modular Production Building Mannheim (MPBM), which officially opened in 2015. Around 150 Roche employees work in a modern and modularly expandable production area spanning some 14,000 square metres to ensure that reagent solutions and other components required for immunodiagnostic Elecsys tests are filled and prepared for shipping.

Sustainable package inserts

Similarly to drugs, reagents for diagnostic tests come with package inserts. These specify set values for calibrating the reagents and the corresponding controls. In the case of Elecsys reagents, these inserts are now provided digitally. For this purpose, the cassettes are equipped with an RFID chip, which is read by the analyser and references an online database from which customers can simply download the set values. This saves paper, protects the environment and even speeds up the packaging process.

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Photographer: Philipp Wente