Basic principles of Personalized Healthcare

Personalized Healthcare; Nr. 71

Roche stands for innovation and Personalized Healthcare. We want our products to be used for patients who will benefit from them.

The goal of Personalized Healthcare is to promote the development and application of effective and safe pharmaceuticals and to use these drugs in a targeted manner in the patients who will benefit most. Personalized healthcare enables us to provide clinically differentiated healthcare solutions. As a result, medical treatments are better, safer, and more effective and this benefits patients as well as physicians, insurance companies, and society as a whole. Roche was the first to recognize the potential of personalized healthcare.

Patients with identical diagnoses can respond differently to treatment with the same drug. Possible causes include individual patient characteristics or disease-specific factors affecting the effectiveness of a medication. Therefore, one treatment may not be suitable for everyone. The concept of personalized healthcare uses the latest scientific insights to provide more precise treatment customization and better disease control.

Using effective diagnostics and biomarkers, certain groups requiring different treatment approaches in the form of other medications or higher or lower doses of the same medication can be identified within a large patient population. An important part of PHC at Roche is therefore the development of Companion Diagnostics, i.e., tests that are typically developed in parallel with a new drug and lay the foundation for personalized treatment.