Personalised Healthcare

Personalized Healthcare; Nr. 66

Roche is in a unique position to make Personalized Healthcare a reality. Our company structure allows the ideal combination of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals technologies

Basic principles

 Basic principles of Personalized Healthcare; Nr. 67 Learn more about the basic principles of Personalized Healthcare and how patients can benefit from customized treatment.


Onkologie; Nr. 67

Diagnosis followed by treatment with an innovative drug is a typical example of the personalized treatment approach in the case of breast cancer and gastric cancer.


Virologie; Nr. 67

In the personalized treatment of hepatitis C, treatment and treatment duration are based on the virus genotype. The particular virus is detected using the PCR method as further developed by Roche.

Inflammatory diseases

Entzündungskrankheiten; Nr. 67

Roche conducts intensive research into the causes and progression of inflammatory diseases. Based on the results of this research, we can develop pharmaceuticals that really benefit patients more