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Personalized Healthcare in virology

Virology - Personalized Healthcare; Nr. 77

Screening, diagnosis, treatment, and treatment success monitoring for hepatitis C can all be performed with coordinated Roche components.

Personalized Healthcare—personalized hepatitis C treatment

The treatment of hepatitis C infection is an excellent example of the progress that has been made in modern patient care. This virus that was first discovered in 1988/89 causes chronic liver disease resulting in liver dysfunction and even liver failure in many patients.

Hepatitis-C virus; Nr. 78


The personalized treatment approach includes a diagnostic test that allows the determination of the viral load in the blood with the help of PCR technology (polymerase chain reaction).

With two Roche pharmaceuticals, hepatitis C treatment can be performed in an individualized and response-based manner: Treatment and treatment duration are based on the virus genotype with which the patient is infected, the initial viral load at the start of treatment, and the individual virological response to treatment. Based on the virological response, the physician determines the optimal treatment duration so that the patient receives optimum benefit from the hepatitis C treatment.